Video games, firearms, military equipment, concept art, tattoos, comics, Gundam, sci fi, and whatever else I stumble upon that strikes my interest. These are things you may see here.

Feel free to ask questions about whatever or call me out on anything incorrect. I'm sure I won't get too butthurt.

Jesse/27/Vista, CA

Steam: Dicks McGhee
Origin: DicksMcGhee
XBLive: Sotsu

RGM-79N GM Custom

"During its military reconstruction following the One Year War, the Earth Federation Forces decide to build a high-performance variant of its standard-model RGM-79C GM Kai for use by highly skilled and ace pilots. This new variant, partly based on the GM Kai and the RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex" from the One Year War, is called the RGM-79N GM Custom. The GM Custom is equipped with a great number of vernier thrusters, giving it a maneuverability and response time almost equivalent to that of the original RX-78-2 Gundam prototype. It also carries a high-output generator, enabling it to use beam rifles. Due to its high cost, however, only a limited number of GM Customs are actually built. In late UC 0083, three GM Customs are stationed aboard the assault carrier Albion during its pursuit of the stolen RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" and in the subsequent battles against Zeon’s Delaz Fleet."

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